Katy Cocktease Gets Surreal For Dollars

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bill-swift - April 14, 2011

Leave it to Katy Cocktease to get paid megamillions for every body part but the ones we really want to see.

Katy signed a franchise global big bucks deal with British hair care products company ghd to pimp the hell out of their gels, goop, and spray; and to kick off the entire launch, they hired famed surreal photographer David LaChapelle to get Katy Cocktease looking all sleek and cool and sexy and I'd say he did his job well. I'm still going with Pert Plus in the Costco sized container for the A-Z of my personal hair care needs, but I bet ghd makes an effin' fortune off of girls who want to to be seen, but not really seen, like Katy herself. She is hawt. So I can not hate. Sort of an unwritten code. Enjoy.