Katy Cocktease Update: More Cleavage, Still No Boobs

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bill-swift - August 25, 2010

Those soft and fuzzy sweaters, too magical to touch...if one more Egotastic! reader sends me that fake picture of Katy Perry topless going around the Internet, I'm going to hurl a piece of my beloved Ikea furniture (Billy, maybe) out of my 67th floor office window. Katy Perry is a lovely lass, sexy to no end; Katy Cocktease is the girl who wears low cut, short dresses to flash all sorts of bits and peeks, especially related to promoting her auto-tuned pop musical offerings, but talks about how she'll never appear nude in Playboy. Why? Katy Perry has an amazing and beautiful body; the very essence of why women rule the world. So, sister Katy, stop the long-tease. Show us your boobs! (I think I said that already, but, of course, it bears repeating.)

Photo credit: INF Photo