Katy Cocktease Proves You Can Never Bring Your Boobs Home Again (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 16, 2010

I'm old enough to remember when MTV used to play music videos; yeah, that old. Most of the stuff today is just plain dreck on that former musical gem of a channel, but, occasionally, like monkeys throwing darts, they nail a winner. Case in point, Katy Cocktease on MTV Hoods showing off her Santa Barbara growing up digs. Now, we all can name by heart the first girl in our middle school to develop up top. I know you can. Heck, For the kids in Katy Cocktease's 'hood, it was Katy herself. Now, she's returned with a vengeance to unleash her look-but-don't-see-all cleavage on her coming of age locale. I know all the boys are thinking, c'mon, it's been fifteen years, show us your boobs already, Katy. Good luck with that one, fellas. Enjoy.

How many more close boob calls can one man take?????