Katrina Bowden Bra-Revealing Sheer Dress Gives Me the Happy Tingles

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bill-swift - January 21, 2014

I guess if my karma were at full strength, blonde hottie Katrina Bowden might've forget to wear a bra to the Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards pre-party. But, she remembered, much to my chagrin. Her sheer and body hugging dress left little to the imagination (and yet so much to the imagination) at the event, flashing her slender but wicked sextastic female form right to the top of the Hollywood party heap.

Silly bra ruined much, but it can't take away from the lust we've felt for Katrina Bowden since first feasting peeps on her on 30 Rock several years ago now. Just one of the best TV characters ever by sheer force of hotness. Bless you, Katrina, but curse your bra! Enjoy.