Katie Price Pimps Her Double Dipper Stripper Look at Her Reality Television Launch

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bill-swift - October 11, 2011

Well, we did post Phoebe Price earlier today, so it only seems fair to give the unrelated Katie Price, the self-promoting pimpstress across the pond, an equal amount of the attention she so dearly craves.  (And the bustier and garter and panties don't hurt our charitable hearts.)

Katie Price launches a lot of projects. I'm not exactly sure what or where these projects lead, because outside of her spank bank potential, she seems to have little commercial viability. Nevertheless, such talent deficits never stopped the Kardashians, so onward and downward into reality television goes Katie Price with the launch of her new show, Signed by Katie Price. Granted, the Anna Nicole Smith show was quite popular, so there is precedent for large funbagged bleached blondes  to get drunk and fall down on TV and eyeballs to gaze, but you really do need to up the personal train-wreck quotient for this to work. Anna Nicole upped it a bit too far you might say. The only assumption we can make about Katie Price and her show -- anticipate many wardrobe malfunctions, either accidental or planned. Then, and only then, we might just tune in to the telly.  Enjoy.