Katie Holmes Bikini Pictures Are Popping Up All Over the Place

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bill-swift - July 19, 2011

Six months ago, it seemed like you couldn't see an inch of skin on the still delightfully hot Katie Holmes. I'm not sure if proper tributes were paid to Xenu, or if Tom Cruise caught Footloose and learned all about the pointlessness in trying to control the inner-passions of the kids, but Katie Holmes seems to be running around in a bikini pretty much weekly now, especially in the paparazzi friendly confines of her Miami condo. And, I for one, love it. Sure, she's not the exact same Katie Holmes we first wanked to fell in love with on Dawson's Creek. But, everybody grows up and changes (no matter how hard we try not to). In her imperfections, I still find only sexy. Enjoy.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Tom took Katie out to dinner and she wore a see-through sweater!  What the heck is going on here with Katie Holmes flashing her fluorescent bra to the world? If the Rapture is coming again soon, somebody better be giving me more warning.