Katie Cassidy Red Bikini Pimping

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bill-swift - May 22, 2017

Katie Cassidy doesn't do a ton of hot body pimping paid work, but when the Arrow heroine does, it's worth ogling with rap attention.

The often demure hottie came out to play in a bikini of the red and vibrant hue for a Tomboy clothing ad. This is not how I remember tomboys looking in my day. Though I admit a lean toward the more feminine ladies, not that the girls on the sports teams didn't receive my share of attention, a leering gentleman never tires. Certainly not of seeing Katie's body in fiery red two piece swimsuits. 

Katie, we could use more. A lot more. I'm sure you realize that meals don't typically end with the appetizer course. Consider us primed. Time for the steak. You're likely a vegan, so let's say the tofu goodness. Mmm, creamy white and au natural. Let's do this. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tomboy KC