Kathy Griffin Is On A Kill List

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elliot-wolf - May 12, 2018

Kathy Griffen should probably go on suicide watch soon. Her latest kooky outburst involves an outlandish conspiracy theory. A truly epic tale where strangers are attempting to successfully murder and get rid of Griffen for good. Yeah, Kathy believes she’s on a kill list. Just when you thought this woman couldn’t get any crazier she manages to one up herself. Kathy partook in a ridiculous, alphabetically listed, A through O, tweetstorm where she told everyone who could find an extra care to spare everything, from the death threats she has received to Ryan Seacrest being upset with her. Because the last thing anyone wants to do is check out of life while still being on Seacrest’s bad side.

Kathy shared an update on her dire situation in a Twitter rant, telling her followers that she's been subjected to constant threats — and has even been placed on a "kill list"! Calling the attack from the "alt-right media" a literal "relentless campaign," Kathy alleged she's been hit with "threats of violence… in very specific ways."

Sadly, that's just the tip of the iceberg. The 57-year-old also fired shots at her supposed showbiz allies, revealing she's barely gotten ANY help in booking paid gigs in the past year. Specifically, she called out Ryan Seacrest for being mad at her over apparently hiring the stylist who accused him of unsavory behavior and someone "in the booking dept." of Stephen Colbert's show for having a "bad taste" about her in their mouth.

I don’t know where Kathy is going with all of this. She’s flailing around for attention like a fish suffocating on a dock. It’s quite the spectacle but something most of us have seen before. Howdy Doody knows the who, what, when, and where of all of her problems but doesn’t know how to shut up. The only thing more annoying than Kathy at this point is being sentenced to several years in prison for her murder. No one is going to snuff out Kathy's life because she's honestly not worth the hassle. She should have got the hint after no one ever attempted to act out on the anonymous death threats and things never escalating higher than flaming bags of poop on her front door.

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