Katharine McPhee’s Phenomenal Body In A Tight Pink Bikini

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aldo-vallon - December 14, 2017

 I sure hope Katharine McPhee applied some industrial strength sunblock before putting on that bikini because it has a unique design that will lead to even more unique tan lines. The stripes that it has the potential of creating could easily be misinterpreted as stretch marks and then BAM, she turns into a seventy-year-old overnight. She is far too young and perky to subject her body to that type of horror prematurely, so I pray she has done her due diligence.

I my opinion no woman should be stepping out of the house without first liberally applying a bottle of formaldehyde to their skin. I am not certain what the medical repercussions would be for such an action, but I am not a doctor, so it isn't my problem. If anyone has any better ideas, aside from the obvious nip and tuck options, then I am all ears. I am no glory hog, so I am more than willing to share the spotlight with any other allies in this war against time. We need all hands on deck because so far time has been kicking our asses.   


Photo Credit: Twitter / Splash News