Katharine McPhee… Alive? See Her Cleavtastic New Insta Pic

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aldo-vallon - October 6, 2017

 What does Katherine McPhee have on in that picture on the left? It looks like some sort of wetsuit, but that could not possibly be right. I have worn a wetsuit on a few occasions and I can tell you this, they are not something that I consider proper lounge wear. It is like permanently wearing one of those resistant bands they have at the gym, it makes everything a workout. I would snap to the same position any time I relaxed my muscles, just like the younger brother from A Christmas Story. So now maybe you can see why I cannot wrap my head around why she would choose to wear one while out of the water. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is just one of the many female fashion items that I am not privy to. Maybe Katherine needed some extra support for her boobs but all of her sports bras were in the laundry. It is impossible for me to say. What I can say is that she might have been away from the scene for a little while, but she is certainly no worse for wear.  


Photo Credit: Instagram