Katharine McPhee Shows Off Her Sexy Stuff

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bill-swift - July 9, 2007

Katharine McPhee is clining onto fame as best she knows how, which apparently includes taking some very sexy pictures for Stuff Magazine. Well, if you ask me, it's working, but what the hell do I know. I'm just assuming that showing lots of leg and cleavage automatically equates to increased popularity. It works in the clubs, so why not here?

I've still never actually heard Katharine McPhee sing, or if I have, I certainly don't remember, so I'm guessing that's fairly indicative of her overall originality. Hence the sexy photoshoot, I suppose. Either way, I'm not complaining, and this is by no means a music blog, so I'll just stop talking (or writing, as the case may be), and get to the pictures.

And speaking of originality, I think it's really clever how the guys at Stuff just ripped off that classic Anne Margaret photoshoot instead of, you know, coming up with an idea of their own.