Kate Winslet Drops Sexy Carnage At Movie Premiere

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bill-swift - November 23, 2011

Say what you will about Roman Polanski and his insidious hot tub etiquette in the 70's, but the fugitive from justice can certainly direct a film. And cast. Like choosing the vastly underrated sextastic actress Kate Winslet to be the star of his new film, Carnage.

Kate Winslet is unique in her talent + hot body ratio in terms of the thespianics, there aren't many two-tool players out there like Kate, who stole the show at the film premiere in this skin tight dress we've seen her in before, different color, but which startles the libido in each instance into realizing just how foolish you were to ever stop thinking about she-banging Kate. This mom has got one sweet body when she brings it out to play. Enjoy.