Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video

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aldo-vallon - October 12, 2017


I do not know if there is a bikini top on the market today that is prepared for the task of keeping Kate Upton's ta-tas contained. The top she is wearing is certainly doing its damnedest though to try. It must have just read the story The Little Engine That Could. It is inspiring really, that little top has chanted, "I think I can," all the way to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I think in the swimsuit world that is the equivalent of qualifying for the World Cup, or the World Series, because let's face it, any higher tier modeling gig is going to require a lot less clothing than even a swimsuit is capable of providing. The closest thing a male model can hope to land would either be to become the Brawny Man or the Marlboro Man, but for those they do not even need to look good with their clothes off so the bar is set considerably lower. For all I know those Brawny men look about as good with their flannel shirts off as any other shmo on the street.  


Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated YouTube