Kate Upton Sheer Pantsuit For Birthday Peeks

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bill-swift - June 9, 2016

Kate Upton has been working hard on her body, according to numerous health magazine reports that I peruse for the photos. It certainly shows. The curvaceous blonde wonder is certainly a size or two shrunk down, not in the happy fun places, thankfully. She decided to show off a day ahead of her birthday in a sheer little number that flattered her bodacious body and showed off the results of her sweat and panting. Oh, God, Kate Upton sweating and panting. I need water.

Kate's been somewhat off the radar of public photos for a good while now. Not shooting for any movies or magazines, perhaps just taking a breather from the celebrity life, working on her physical image, and getting engaged to that lucky bastard pitcher. Maybe it was the release of her hacked sexy time photos that set her back. Either way it's good to see her return and looking all kind of ridiculously hot. All hands on deck, Kate. All hands wishing they were elsewhere. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash