Kate Upton Ridiculously Sextastic Behind the Scenes of Her Cosmo Photoshoot

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bill-swift - October 11, 2012

It doesn't get much hotter than Kate Upton anything, but Kate Upton in a sextastic photoshoot for Cosmo, you just know she's going to look sweet both in her released photos, which we saw already, and even moreso perhaps behind the scenes of her shoot.

I don't care if Kate Upton is in her underwear or some short shorts or if she's wearing a burqa that smells like old pastrami sandwiches, this young woman is so incredibly hot, she makes everything naughty and fun. (Okay, so the funky smelling burqa would not be our first choice, but would it really stop you from trying to get into her precious personal areas? Nay.) Enjoy.