Kate Upton Red Hot Award Winning Cleavage Down Under

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bill-swift - November 6, 2013

You don't even need to tell me what the trophy is for, just go ahead and give it to Kate Upton. I presume it's for best use of the boobtastic at a formal public sporting event. Just s guess based upon gazing into the blessed chestal goodness of Kate Upton for going on three years now.

Kate was in red with a silly hat for the Melbourne Cup down Australia way looking all kinds of blonde bombshell turned Pretty Woman for such a regal event. Dressed up, dressed down, or preferably just undressed, Kate knows how to draw the eye to her fine female form. I even kind of dig the hat, I might just ask her to leave that on even as we play bad horsy and stern but loving jockey during the big race. Enjoy.