Kate Upton Playful on the Beach With Boobs and Buttockals

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bill-swift - November 26, 2013

Kate Upton makes any photoshoot a fun photoshoot. She could be shooting a commerical for home mortgage refinancing and give financially underwater homeowners a boner. It's true. Trust me, I've imagined it.

On the chilly beach over the weekend in a Sam Edelman commercial shoot, Kate got down to unbuttoning her top and flashing her bra covered cleavage, a healthy amount of legs and booty, and all-around looked like a curvaceous playful kitten in the sand. I guess this is why she gets paid the big bucks while when I roll around in the sand at the beach half-dressed, parents run for the parking lot while covering their children's eyes. Kate Upton, we need to beach together some time soon. Enjoy.