Kate Upton Engaged, Don’t Cry, I Mean It, Stop Crying

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bill-swift - May 3, 2016

It's not as if Kate Upton making it official with Justin Verlander is the final straw that broke our erect camel's back, or blew our chances of ever being intimately involved in a 48-hour sweaty making of the sexy session with the blonde bombshell. But, it's kind of the symbolic end to a dream if for no other reason than I respect the hell out of the institution of marriage. I mean, for other people, obviously. 

Kate Upton got the rock from her Cy Young lucky bastard pro athlete boyfriend, but that doesn't mean we the dedicated Upton fans and gentleman oglers are going to stop leering at her bodacious hot body. In fact, today makes sense to take a peek back in the peekaboo machine at some of our favorite shots of the woman we've wanted to worship inch by inch since the moment she burst on the scene at nineteen. Oh, lovely Kate. May your marriage be a happy one. And no more than a year please. Seems fair. Enjoy.