Kate Upton Contributes Another Round of Super Sextastic to the World

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bill-swift - August 3, 2012

There's pretty much nothing Kate Upton can't do and make it an absolute must-see. She'd have a thousand guys leering for hours at her cleaning her garage out. The chance to see her without any clothes on, even if covering up the good bits in a highly stylized photoshoot, well, that's like likely to cause us to clean out our own anatomical garages.

In a pictorial for Contributor magazine, shot by hottie female photog Yu Tsai, the blessed blonde bombshell, all of twenty years of age, shows that she's going to do (and be) just super fine as she transitions from junior boobtastic swimsuit and lingerie model, into full blown grown up glamorous worldly lady. And we're going to have one amazing time watching this hot butterfly blossom. Enjoy.