Kate Upton Bouncing Flouncing Boobtastic on Film Set!

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bill-swift - June 8, 2013

Remember just a few days ago when I said I've never like a movie set in The Hamptons ever?  I've officially changed my mind and the film, The Other Woman, is still in production. All I needed was to see Kate Upton on the set of the film bouncing around with her fluffy funbags going every which way, but sadly not loose. And I am officially a fan of this movie.

It'd be easy to say that Kate Upton chest giants make everything better. Easy to say because it's true! And while The Three Stooges was barely salvageable by Kate's presence, Moe never had such an eyeful of Kate's flouncing floppy fun bits. I'm giving this film three thumbs up. Enjoy.