Kate Upton Boobtastic Blonde Revival in Vogue

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bill-swift - April 13, 2017

Kate Upton simply doesn't get out there like she used to. The omnipresent wicked hot boobtastic blonde went from being everywhere to being hardly anywhere. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but as to how it affects other organs of the body, not quite so well.

So happy were we to see Miss Kate and her body of sheer pleasure back on the pages of Vogue Thailand, wherein you may experience an ogle of her splendid female form and imagine she's your girlfriend. Wife is too much, just girlfriend. Summer fling. Hell, I'd shank any of you in the shower for five minutes of conjugal with the sextastic Kate. Daddy wants is an understatement. That's on top of being super weird. Kate, I will never stop lusting me. I know those restraining orders are your way of loving me back.

Photo Credit: Vogue Thailand / Yu Tsai