Kate Upton Bikini Pictures Pimping Beach Bunny With Bosom Honey

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bill-swift - January 25, 2012

We've missed Kate Upton. Not sure where she went in the latter half of 2011, maybe some much needed vacation for her twin puppies of excellence after a year that saw her skyrocket from a small name in the bikini modeling circuit to a monster of a sextastic celebrity, on the tip of nearly every man's tongue, as it were.

In her pictorial for the new Beach Bunny swimwear cruise line, and, aren't cruises just filled with super hot busty blondes like Kate (or is that just in the raunchy movies I watch?), Kate Upton shows why she's at the very top of the bikini food chain when it comes to showing off your wares. She makes everything look awesome. As for the hats, not sure anybody's actually paying attention to those. Enjoy.