Kate Upton Bikini Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Hot Bodied Awesomeness (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 24, 2012

(When I get a chance to sit down with Maxim, I'm going to ask them to name 38 hotter women this year than Kate Upton. I mean, I know they listed 38 of them in their magazine, but I want them to say it out loud, with a straight face.)

Remember the supremely hot Beach Bunny Swimswear 'Bronze' Bikini photoshoot of Kate Upton we shared with you a few days ago -- I mean, given that it's forever tattooed on your libido matter, you probably do remember. Well, now, here's the behind the scenes video from the photoshoot, and it is equally amazing.

I wish I had grown up to be hottie model video director Yu Tsai instead of just You Suck, you know, as my dad used to yell at me when he watched my Little League games. Enjoy.