Kate Upton Beach Bunny Bronze Bikini Collection for Precious Mammary Perfection

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bill-swift - May 23, 2012

Kate Upton turns bikinis into something altogether on a different plane of hotness.

If I were hired to be marketing director at one of these swimwear companies, I'd just keep repeating, 'Let's hire Kate Upton to model our bikinis' over and over again until somebody listened, it happened, sales shot through the roof, and I won the marketing department trophy and the two free tickets to Disneyland. Because it's that simple.

Kate Upton pimps the bodily shizz out of the Beach Bunny bronze swimwear collection using her own bodily assets, which are beyond compare, and I'm sure has millions of women out there imagining themselves looking like Kate if they buy the bikini. Sometimes it's hard to be a woman. Enjoy.

On the off chance you're the only person to have missed this amazing Kat-Dance from a few weeks ago: