Kate Upton and Sports Illustrated Reunited

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Lex Jurgen - February 15, 2017

Shamelessly frame this as a bold faced promo. Fifty-one weeks a year it's okay to mock Sports Illustrated for lacking sports and focusing entirely on illustrated. A simple name change to Airbrushed Titties in Paradise would solve the truth in advertising issue while simultaneously tripling sales. Time-Life ideation meeting at noon. Social influencers welcome. Also, the Luce kids and their binders.

One week a year everything comes together when SI releases 50,000 images of A-list bikini models baring almost all of their bodies save for the cloned out nipples and snatch patches in their formal SI Swimsuit Edition. They do run the 'Swimsuit' content year round, because, rent. But they save the big tug vault bonanza for mid-February in honor of forty years of tradition.

If you consider each and every photo went through retouching, you can imagine the effort put in by the Southeastern Asian kids on Fiver taking the Photoshop work. In Indonesia, dried spooge on the floor is considered good luck. Also, it forms the actual floor. 

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition