Kate Upton 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Pictorial: It’s Pretty Damn Epic

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bill-swift - February 17, 2012

UPDATESorry to all, but mostly to myself, but Sports Illustrated has decided they no longer wish to share these beautiful photographs of beautiful models so they had to be removed. Please forgive the wet floors, that's from my tears of sorrow.

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Lots of responsibility comes with the most honorific selection to be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covergirl. Tons of major media promotions, advertising campaigns, not to mention all the various roles you'll be having to play in my bikini waxing fantasies each evening, but the bottom line responsibility: delivering one drop dead sextastic pictorial to show the other girls how you got to be queen of the hill.

And Kate Upton delivers.

The bouncy girl flouncy blonde hottie with Michigan blood in her veins drops a perfect 10 in her primary pictorial for the picture heavy sports magazine two-piece edition. Those funbags on Kate Upton must have been crafted in heaven's mammary factory, because I'm not sure where else pure sweet joy is produced, especially in a matching pair. Enjoy.

Credit: Sports Illustrated