Kate Moss Cleans Up Very Nicely for Fashion Week

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bill-swift - February 22, 2012

Let it not be said that Kate Moss does not have great fundamental hotness talent. Yes, it's been tried and tested through both natural and unnatural substances since a young age, but you simply don't get mega-million dollar modeling contracts as a young woman because you're an ugly duckling and the magazines and fashion houses have taken you on as a charity case.

Every now and then, Kate Moss puts it all back together and delivers on her genetic promise, as she did the other night at the Stella McCartney show for London Fashion week, where the blonde supermodel looked like her old hot self again in her little black dress and, well, we just thought it deserved a shoutout. After all, we do promote the 4P platform here: Peace through positive portrayals of pus...(well, let's just say there's a fourth 'P''). Enjoy.