Kate Middleton Is Getting Hotter and Hotter; Somebody Needs to Get Her Pregnant

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

I think it's some kind of magic of Merlin, but Kate Middleton is just going to get better and better looking until somebody finally gets her pregnant. If Prince Bill is not up the task, let's just say I've got a four-pack of cold Zima and some hot plans on how to produce several male, female, and odd-looking triplet heirs to the royal family line. And I'm ready to go right now.

Kate was out doing what she does best yesterday, looking super interested on a tour of some important place, in this case the Royal Academy of Arts, and looking like the hottest future queen of England since Anne Boleyn.

Look, if the Cardinals and Ministers need to watch me perform the actual mating process, I'm down with that. Nothing should stand in the way of saving the Empire. Enjoy.