Kate Hudson Vs Megan Fox Plunging Black Cleavage For Talk Shows

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bill-swift - February 20, 2016

Kate Hudson and Megan Fox, two ladies I routinely sketch out in my charcoal drawing series entitled "Bill Sandwiches" made their way onto separate sound stages for different talk shows, but both wearing plunging black dresses that showed off their braless chesty goodness beneath.

Kate visited Ellen who loves the hot ladies as much as you or I, and made herself look like a million and half damn athletic wear selling dollars. Including a heaping showing off of her petite but sweet bosom, a sight not often seen during the daytime talk hours. Megan hit up Jimmy Kimmel and reminded everybody why she was on the top line of their Bucket List just a few years ago with her own exhibitionist wardrobe and little black number. Two newly single ladies looking their best and flashing cleavage like they won't be single for long. Not if I can help it. Okay, ladies, which of you would like a third baby first? It is always polite to ask first. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Ellen" NBC/"The Jimmy Kimmel Show" ABC