Kate Hudson Chesty Flash While Leaving Hotel

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michael-garcia - September 29, 2016

The eternally sexy Kate Hudson flashed a bit o' bra while leaving a fancy hotel. The shirt was sheer but it didn't really matter any way because it was open past her ta-tas. There was cleavage for the ages. I've always been a big fan of Kate's knockers, ever since I was forced to watch her rom-coms in the early to mid 00's. That was my only consolation. This woman does not get older but only better like a fine wine I want to make out with. She's more than just a nice rack though. She's also got a booty that makes my heart skip a beat and legs that go on for miles. Alas, we can't see them very well in these pics but I invite you to check out our archive. We have a lot of tasty Kate pics over the years. 

I watched a movie from the 70's with her mom Goldie Hawn the other day. She was a serious effing hottie back in the day. Kate comes by her hotness honestly. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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