Kate Hudson Bikini MILFtastic For Shape Magazine

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bill-swift - May 18, 2016

Kate Hudson can't stop being hot and super in shape. Why even try? I mean, why would she want to? Kate Hudson and her MILFtastic fine female form have peaked to perfection here in her mid-30's as a mom of multiple kids by multiple rockstars. You have to credit her workout routine, her nutritional program, and all the times I've thought of her in a naughty way during private time with my Def Leppard albums blaring for the benefit of my neighbors' well-being. Yes, prurient thoughts do help women retain their youthful glow. I believe in magic.

Kate's now featured in swimsuits for Shape magazine where she shows off her lithesome hot mommy shape for the benefit of women seeking to attain her same figure, and for the benefit of men imagining her figure in front of them stripping out of those bikinis. Oh, sure, the photos are heavily magazine doctored, but we've seen Kate candidly so often these past few weeks and months, I could attest in a court of law to her lack of body fat, her desire to show off her sweet petite teats, and the smile of a confident MILF she carries with her 24x7. Yes, I'm a biased witness and I can easily be paid off. Maybe with one of Kate's previously worn bikinis? Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Shape Magazine