Kate Hudson Has Herself A Bikini Mud Bath

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michael-garcia - July 14, 2016

Sexy MILF Kate Hudson was having herself a good 'ol fashioned mudbath in a tiny bikini. She went out on a boat in her small bikini, like many celebrities do, but few look as good as Kate. She's in phenomenal shape and she is just as hot now as she was 15 years ago. Her pokies were sticking out as I guess she was cold. I've been a fan of Kate's ta-tas for many a long year now and I've never grown tired of them. She's got washboard abs that you could use to do your laundry. I've never been sure what a washboard actually does to get clothes clean but whatever it is her abs could do it. Then she gets out of the boat and rubs mud all over herself. I guess it's that special mud that's good for your skin. Or she just wanted to get dirty.

My favorite part is her booty in that bikini thong. That butt is seriously tight and round. She's definitely got what her mama Goldie Hawn gave her. Have you ever seen Goldie Hawn when she was young? She was hot as hell. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash