Kate Hudson And Cally Jane Beech Braless for the Panda in London

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bill-swift - March 8, 2016

The name of the game in London for the Kung Fu Panda 3 premiere was no undergarments up top, specifically as modeled by fit hot Kate Hudson and cleavy British reality starlet Cally Jane Beech, who I'm told makes a habit of getting red carpet invites and attempting to steal the spotlight. Hey, hate the game, not the player, and certainly don't hate the hot brunette in the cleavy dress looking like a whole lot of fun.

Kate Hudson and her star power obviously drew more of the camera attention during the evening. I'm not sure which character she voices in Kung Fu Panda but I believe it's the animal that keeps hooking up with the Kung Fu rockstars and making babies. Hey, that's every bit a talent as hitting the gym three hours a day every day to keep your mommy body fit and exhibitionist worth as Kate does. So why not go decked out and teat-showing for the British boys lucky enough to catch a peek into her dress. It's only proper when visiting to bring a gift. Kate Hudson has got it, she's flaunting it, and she's not apologizing. I love a confident woman. Especially when her leather boot hell is pressed up against my chest and she's running through a litany of the disturbing things she's going to be doing to me before sunrise and the maid finding me hogtied and spent. Well played, Kate and Cally. Sandwich? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash