Kate Del Toro Leads The Pack of Hotties Out at the Clubs

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bill-swift - March 24, 2016

I don't get out to the clubs like I used to. Unless you count the football clubs where I drink Tecate and consistently lose bets to every other person in the place. But nightclubs elude me. I think they're better when you can afford bottle service and talk about your new album dropping next month. Musing over the weather doesn't go over as well while you're trying to afford a sparkling water. Nevertheless, the clubs are where the young hotties are on the weeknights when the ladies get decked out to compete for attention both inside and outside the club.

Last night we spotted Kate Del Toro showing off her hotness headed into dance twice, drink once, and flirt seventeen times. Jasmine Walia, Charlotte Dawson, and Jane Beech followed suit for the British contingent. If you're wondering where the hot girls are on a midweek night, apparently it's not at the 7-Eleven where I spent an hour waiting for the Slurpee machine to be fixed. Gotta have my blue. It's the clubs. Get yourself some shiny pants and get out on there. The ladies are wicked hot. Say hello to them as you wait in line. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash