Kate Bock Sheer Top Boobtastic Hotness

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bill-swift - January 15, 2016

Kate Bock rose to fame via swimsuit hot bodies in SI and now she can climb to even greater heights by repurposing her body in sheer bits of clothing to highlight her wicked hot and ridiculously alluring female form. If you've ever thought to yourself, boy, I'd love to have a world class model half naked in front of me twisting back and forth, today's your lucky day as you can imagine Kate asking you how she looks in this outfit and you can tell her I can't think because all the blood is rushing to my... sorry, I forgot about family hour.

Any clothes on Kate Bock should be considered some kind of crime. But given the limitations, acclaimed photographer Yu Tsai knows exactly what to do. Sheer and askew is the natural trick. The rest you leave up to Kate's natural naughty goodness. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yu Tsai

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