Kate Beckinsale Tighty Whiteys Put Her Bum in MILFtastic Perspective

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bill-swift - February 20, 2013

I'm not sure when or how this happened, but super hot mommy Kate Beckinsale dropped off our radars the past several month as the sextastic thespianic who was so busy pimping and promoting her films in 2012 seemed to drop off the Hottieville map for an extended duration of late, and that simply is not good for our hearts.

Thankfully, Kiss Me Everywhere Kate felt obliged to make a good showing off it for the Burberry event in her home country for London Fashion Week, appearing in a form fitting white skirt that while quite innocent, left us quite breathless every time she took a stride that revealed her MILFtastic glutes.

Oh, Kate, please come back to us in stretch pants and tiny tops and the like very soon. We need you as a child needs its mother, really exactly like that, only a tad bit raunchier in execution. Enjoy

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