Kate Beckinsale Looks Amazing

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Sam Robeson - September 21, 2018

Forty-five-year-old Kate Beckinsale looks amazing, and not the type of kinda psycho old lady amazing epitomized by fellow Brit ho Elizabeth Hurley. In these new candids, Beckinsale looks like a twenty-five-year-old stripper dressed as Sporty Spice for an athleisure sex dungeon party. And it's everything you'll need to get you through the weekend.

Beckinsale was spotted with her on-again twenty-three-year-old boyfriend Matt Rife (right in the pics) as well as a gay serial killer (left) while attending a surely hilarious and topical Dave Chappelle show in West Hollywood. And again, she looks amazing. Beckinsale pinched off a kid and her body is still this tight. Plus the fact that her toes are hanging out over her stripper shoes by an inch lets you know that she's DTF. Her child bride Rife is some sort of model, and you can tell by Kate's body language that she really gives a shit about him. Kidding. She doesn't. Because she wants me. I'm a twenty-three-year-old 4' tall model too Kate. Come to Chicago. We have washed up comedians too.


Photo Credit: Backgrid / Instagram 

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