Kate Beckinsale Is White Hot At The Battersea Power Station Global Launch

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bill-swift - November 12, 2014

The ever sexy Kate Beckinsale was looking cleavtacular at the Battersea Power Station global launch in LA. She wore a white dress that was cut very low. Very. The result was a plethora of boobage. If you think back to Kate's heyday in the 90's you'll recall that she has an extraordinary pair of knockers. 15 years later she is still looking incredibly hot. That's not an easy task. A lot of her fellow 90's stars haven't fared so well. I remember going to see her movies back in the day and liking the fact that I could ogle her even if it was some rom-com that I didn't like, or worse yet, Pearl Harbor. But that aside I'm glad to see that she's kept it tight all these years.

I do enjoy a woman that knows how to properly wield the cleav. She's brandishing her cleavage like a friggin' samurai.