Kate Beckinsale Is Me Lady In White

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bill-swift - March 11, 2014

We haven't see much of Kate Beckinsale lately. I think I was having withdrawals. At least the symptoms of the shakes, cold sweats, and about one-hundred fifty handwritten letters to Kate soaked through with bodily fluids that aren't polite to mention in public, though often carried in jars by people riding the city bus.

Kate was out rather casually over the weekend, leaving a spa in Brentwood, just looking like one hot casual mom. We've seen Kate revealing more even just on her weekend jaunts about town, but with the way we've been missing her, it was just time for a little of the hottest brunette MILF this side of my nightly fantasies. Hopefully with Spring arriving we'll see the sextastic mom back in her tanks and blessed yoga pants soon enough, if not less when she hits Mexico for her family vacations. She really is quite the alluring maternal figure. Enjoy.