Kate Beckinsale in Daisy Dukes, Like Stepping Into a MILFtastic Dream

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bill-swift - May 11, 2011

I'm not sure about your dream diary, but mine needs a separate chapter, nay, a separate volume, for the unspeakably hot MILF, Kate Beckinsale. I literally can not wait to see Kate back in another installment of Underworld, meaning tight leather costumes, bad-ass fighting and jumping like a cat, and all-around doing things that will require me to sit alone in Row ZZ of the theater. Wow. These Kate Beckinsale in little shorts pictures are enough to cause any rational man to go open jaw with tongue hanging sloppy like a hyperventilating labrador retriever. There are so many levels of female hotness, but Kate Beckinsale deserves her very own. It wouldn't even be a number, just a symbol, like a pair of eyes wide open for ogling. So simple and yet so hot. Enjoy.