Kate Beckinsale Helping Hand Cleavtastic

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earl-jonas - August 8, 2017

Ringleader of the ageless Hollywood vampire club Kate Beckinsale is reasserting her dominance over fellow sexy undead like Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham with this new sextastic Instagram picture. The forty-four-year-old recently split up from her twenty-one-year-old boyfriend Matt Rife, but that hasn't seemed to dampen her spirits one bit.  

While preparing for her red carpet appearance at the premiere of The Only Living Boy in New York, Beckinsale can be seen getting a helping hand from some very privileged gentlemen. Her caption reads:

I'm so glad we went on all those team building kayak weekends since occasionally we are called upon to act like fiddling around with my gusset is a normal part of the work day

While one man has the boring job of brushing Beckinsale's hair, the other is on his knees just inches away from her business. I'm nothing if not a professional, obviously, but I can't say I would have the same restraint as this guy. We'll name him... Lucky. 


Photo Credit: Instagram