Kate Beckinsale Bikini Candids! I’ve Died and Gone to Mexico

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bill-swift - March 30, 2013

Honestly, I always dream of ending the week at Egotastic! on the highest of high notes and I like to think it comes close to happening most weeks. But on late Fridays when Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures get dropped into my lap, I know those other weeks didn't quite end on the same note.

How hot is the MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale? Hot enough that shortly after these bikini pictures of Kate on vacation down Mexico way got dropped in my lap, I had to cover said lap with the grandmotherly shawl I keep nearby for potentially office embarrassing occasions. And, then I cried. As I always do when I feast my eyes upon such glorious veteran hotness. Like a man who's been in the desert for twenty years coming upon an oasis, slaking his tremendous thirst on the purest of waters.

Or, in this case, the naughtiest of thoughts of our heavily belusted Kate Beckinsale. Bless you, Fate. Enjoy.