Karrueche Tran Tiny Bikini on Warm Miami Beach

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bill-swift - December 5, 2016

Oh to be the luckiest of oceans the Atlantic this past week as flocks and cavalcades and gaggles of sextastic celebrities frolic on the beach in the first week of December to celebrate the surreal painting for sale just off the beach among men in brilliantly shiny shoes. The list seems endless, but most definitely includes Karrueche Tran who just a few days ago we saw freezing where her tail might be off on the Pacific Ocean filming her soap opera and trying to pretend it was summer. Now she's on Miami Beach where it is is seasonably warm as almost always and seems to be soaking up the rays and the attention of gentleman oglers near and far.

Karrueche Tran has one virulent stain in Chris Brown on her personal resume. It's not one that's easy to shake. But, Karrueche, if you're willing to work with me, in both hot tub and boudoir, I do believe I have a solution to your curricula vitae blot. Simple. Climb aboard the Bill train and watch everything else in your past suddenly fade into, 'you know, that wasn't so bad'. That's the kind of reputation killing powers I bring to our partnership. You bring the sweat and fine bikini body. We'll call it even. I do so like your just perfectly thickish body. You could hurt me and I'd thank you. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet