Karrueche Tran Hot Beach Girl

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bill-swift - April 17, 2017

Karrueche Tran knows how to roll at the beach. She definitely knows how to preen and pose. The sweet and lovely bodied model and occasional cable TV show thespianic in a swimsuit took to Miami Beach to bare her wares in a skin colored bikini kind of number that highlight all the sweltering curves on her body. She's not a super curvaceous woman, she's a perfectly accentuated woman. I'd need a day and a half and a Powerpoint to explain the difference.

While Karrueche continues to suffer the sling and arrows of outrageous Chris Brown previous association misfortune, she's no doubt going to be chased by men of all ogling and long variety. She's got that sextastic appeal going on for days. And you should see the nights. That body, that booty, I'd be willing to open up my Ziploc baggy of Sizzler coupons for this woman. That's how I know it's real lust. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet