Karreuche Tran Tight Top Leather Skirt

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bill-swift - May 6, 2016

Karrueche Tran gets kind of a bad rap, because, you know, Chris Brown boyfriend time. Who doesn't have an ex in the closet of skeletons they'd like to erase? I mean, me, I begged them all to stay in the end. I haven't had clean socks since. But beyond a person's poor taste in the opposite sex, you have to consider just how nicely Karrueche dolls up for special occasions. Like her interview with Extra TV about something I'm sure I don't care about as much as this Asian hot model in a tight top and a leather skirt.

Leather skirts have been driving men wild since the first cave woman donned an animal hide around her waist and dared him to find her happy spots. You know the cave women were horrible flirts. Seeing Karrueche's lean toned female form just reminds me that you never really care about who a hot girl dated before you provided you're the current one. That kind of griping is for after the breakup. For now, leer and revel in the skin tight leather. Enjoy.

Photo credit: PCN