Karolina Kurkova See-Through for Bridal Fashion

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bill-swift - April 27, 2017

You know how I feel about alluring wedding and wedding night bits of wardrobe. It's a trap. And not one with a Pirates of the Caribbean type warning sign before plunging. Though it may very well be the best trap ever for the first few nights, does the see-through gowns and naughty lingerie last deep into the marriage? But I digress.

Sweet hot and blonde model sensation Karolina Kurvova was invited to pimp some virgin white apparel for the big Barcelona bridal something or other. It's possible I married a woman in Barcelona while deep into the sangria. Though I can't say I recall specifically. Some woman does call on occasion and yell at me in perfect Catalonian. Something about obligations. It could easily be a creditor. It's certainly not Karolina or I'd answer and beg her to hurt me. Emotionally I mean. And a slight bit physically. While dressed in virgin white. I might say "I do". But wait, it's a trap. But honeymoon sex. Arrgh. This is a tough one. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet