Karlie Kloss Insanely Hot At Her Fragrance Launch

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aldo-vallon - January 27, 2018

 What does it take for a person to get their own fragrance? People have been telling me that I smell for years and yet no one has propositioned me for a cologne in my name. It seems like there is a glass ceiling for us laymen, and the celebs conveniently never mention it. Apparently they are too concerned with "real" problems like clean water and sexual assault. Luckily I am brave enough to bear this cross.

I think it is about time in our society for there to be a cologne named Fred's, or a perfume named Meredith's. I have no idea what Johnny Depp smells like, but he looks like he would smell of old weed and thrift stores. I'm not going to spend 100 dollars on a bottle of that. However, I know exactly what Fred smells like. He sits next to me at work and has a phobia of body odor. I trust Fred, so I would buy Fred's. 

In the same vein, I have no idea what Karlie Kloss smells like, so why would I want a woman to smell like her? I'm perfectly content in gifting a bottle of Febreeze to a woman. It's cheaper and a proven crowd pleas-er. 





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