Karlie Kloss Girl Next Door Perfect for Express

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bill-swift - March 8, 2017

Granted, for Egotastic, this Karlie Kloss delving into clothes pimping ad shoot is fairly tame Karlie works heavily in the good girl department. But there is something about this blonde twenty-something now supermodel that makes my boat float, sink, then float again. It's quite the buoying process.

Karlie must strike more than just me as that perfect girl next door. The hot blonde who comes over to borrow coffee but what she really wants is a shoulder to cry on since her boyfriend she dumped was such a jerk. Oh, no, do tell. All those horrible things about him, I'm the opposite. I feel your pain. There there. A naked hot tub could be just the ticket. No, I don't have a hot tub. Let's substitute a bed. I know. I'm smooth. Karlie, must have. Enjoy.