Karlie Kloss Gets Sweaty Hot For Self Magazine

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bill-swift - July 25, 2015

Karlie Kloss has excellent genes. There's no way else to explain how she manages to look so good and alluring even if a bit on the slender side for our more curvaceous girl longing hearts. I wouldn't throw Karlie out of bed for eating crackers, even if crackers was the name of my beloved pet schnauzer. It's okay, crackers, she seems totally vegan.

Karlie is featured in the new edition of Self magazine, helping women find themselves through purchasing consumer merchandise for years now. She really is quite the athletic fiend. We know she works out hardcore with girl friend Taylor Swift on the regular. Oh, the cool off showers those two must take together and his is this not on Periscope. I'd not stop watching. Get me the buckets, I'm not moving. Karlie, you are a Windy City born treasure. Now, just a bit more sweaty skin please and I'll declare you perfect. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Self Magazine