Kara Del Toro Hottie in Red

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bill-swift - October 22, 2017

Kara del Toro got her big break in a Super Bowl ad. It's been work ever since. Well, work for her, true pleasure and easy for the rest of us leering at her impossibly hot body in various stages of undress.

Kara chose red for her latest batch of bikini and boudoir pose-downs to lift-up millions of men who get their power source directly from the opposite gender. Her funbag and curvaceous slender figure combo leads to a true 80's style throwback of beach models, with a touch of the Latina spicy sultry. It's quite the deadly double down. It might kill you, but you'll most definitely go with a smile.

There's something even more prurient dream promoting about a woman who knows how much you want her, and lends the feeling to her photos. There are a large number of smoking hot women vying for only a small number of breakout slots in this line of work. Those intangible qualities are a huge help. Though make no mistake, they still pale in comparison to those tangibles barely hiding behind her tiny bikini. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram